Two suggestions for homeowners who want their new pool to have windows

If you have decided that you'd like your new swimming pool to feature some windows, you should consider following these suggestions. 1. Think carefully about how many windows your pool should have Some swimming pools have windows on every side. Whilst this can look great, you should not order a pool that features this much glass from your contractor without giving this matter some thought. It might be better to have glass windows on just one or two sides of this structure instead of on every side.

Four Reasons to Replace Broken Glass Windows Immediately

Is your glass window in need of repair or replacement? If your window has a minor problem, such as having a loose handle, you can repair this quite easily by retightening the handle with a screwdriver. But if it's broken, it'll need to be replaced instead of being repaired.  Broken glass windows pose a serious threat to the safety of your family. If broken glass isn't removed and replaced, it can inflict deep cuts, which may cause severe damage to underlying nerves.