Why You Should Opt for Frameless Shower Screens

If you want to upgrade your bathroom and give it a sleek look, why not install a frameless glass shower? Here are several reasons to opt for this style.

They Open Up the Bathroom

Bathrooms are often relatively small rooms. Combine that with the fact that the shower enclosure is often the largest and bulkiest item in the space. It can thus take up a lot of floor area to make the room seem even more cramped. Frameless glass showers can help with this scenario.

They use smooth glass with only small hardware pieces that hold the shower together. So the enclosure becomes virtually invisible, making the room feel like one integrated area. It's not chopped into two zones by the shower screens. Whether you have a large or a tiny bathroom, a frameless shower will make it feel more open and welcoming. As well, you'll feel less hemmed-in when showering.

They're Safe

Frameless showers use toughened safety glass which is extremely sturdy. These panels are different to the ordinary glass within windows. Toughened panels undergo a unique tempering process whereby the glass is rapidly heated and cooled to make it ultra-strong and heat-resistant. This means that the shower is unlikely to break. Toughened glass doesn't fragment into pointy shards in any case. It crumbles into rounded cubes that are unlikely to cause injury if it does happen to become damaged.

They Don't Hide Tiles

You may have laid beautiful travertine tiles in ivory, peach, and pinkish tones to give the bathroom a warm, luxurious feel. In that case, the last thing you probably want is bulky metal frames ruining the ambience. You won't have this problem with frameless screens that only feature discrete hardware. The glass screens will let you see right through to the beautiful tiles without wrecking the view. The same goes for other decorative elements in the bathroom, such as a gorgeous vanity or flooring. You won't have utilitarian metal frames distracting from more beautiful features.

They're Easy to Clean

Though frameless shower screens are so sleek, one of their best attributes has nothing to do with their appearance. It's to do with how easy they are to clean. Frameless showers have very few areas that can trap mould and mildew as they have only minimal hardware. Thus, you can easily wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth or squeegee. However, fully framed showers are troublesome as the joins where the metal and glass meet form crevices that collect mould. For this reason, fully framed enclosures are trickier to clean.