What to Do When a Window Smashes

Whether it's due to an accident, intent or a storm, facing a smashed window can cause a lot of worry. Alongside keeping your home or business safe against the weather, your windows form a big part of your property's security. It's for this reason that you should never leave a building alone when the window is compromised. But what should you do while you wait for a glass replacement professional to arrive?

Why Your Windows Should Be Made From Energy-Efficient Glass

Perhaps you are planning to construct a granny flat on your property. Alternatively, maybe you are planning on a custom home build so you can stop paying rent. Irrespective of the reason for your construction project, one element that will be critical to any structure is windows. For some individuals, windows may seem like a straightforward part of their structure, as all they need is to get the size specifications and purchase annealed glass for their window design.

Frameless Glass: Crucial Tips for Installing a Shower Enclosure

If you are planning on installing a shower enclosure in your bathroom, you should consider choosing frameless glass for the construction of the space. Frameless glass is valuable because it will not create a distinct divide of the space in the bathroom. The space will remain open, and it will look spacious in spite of the addition. Frameless glass is also an easy material to maintain. The smooth surfaces can be cleaned with ease, and there are no significant crevices for concealing dirt.