Benefits of a Frameless Glass Shower in Your Bathroom

One of the main components you need to focus on when renovating your bathroom is the shower enclosure. While you'll have several structural options, a frameless shower screen offers numerous benefits.

Design Variety

You can set up a frameless shower in various ways. For example, fit a square, rectangular, or hexagonal enclosure to make the most of your bathroom layout. Plus, you'll have assorted handle styles with which to style the door, including simple pull knobs and H- or D-shaped pull handles.

Airy and Inconspicuous

A frameless shower imbues a bathroom with an airy, open feeling as the glass screens look virtually invisible. Thus, your eyes can wander to all areas of the room without impediment, which makes it feel larger. On the other hand, shower curtains and opaque screens block off a large chunk of the space, making the entire room feel smaller. 

Additionally, as frameless showers look inconspicuous, they allow other design elements such as beautiful travertine or mosaic tiles to display their style without distractions. Your shower won't conceal their colours and textures with a curtain or heavy frames. 

Door Opening Options

You can construct a frameless door to pivot both inwards and outwards. An advantage of a swinging door is that it provides a wide entryway into the enclosure, which is handy for those with mobility issues. In a small bathroom, an inward-swinging door won't impinge on limited floor space, but obviously, it will need ample room in the enclosure itself.

Simple Cleaning

While a smooth piece of glass is easy to clean, the metal hardware bits — the framing, handle and whatnot — form crevices and grooves that can catch grime and scum. 

Featuring only hinges and a handle, frameless screens provide an easy-to-clean structure. Conversely, the extra metal edging on framed and semi-framed showers accumulate dirt which you'll have to wash.

Replacement Parts

If you have a fully framed shower door, sometimes it's hard to find replacement metal hardware parts — should you need them in the future — as the glass and hardware are sold as one unit. However, with a frameless shower, replacement is easier, as you can typically use hardware from different manufacturers to support the glass panels. 

Thus, frameless shower screens provide plenty of benefits. You can set them up to form diverse shapes, creating an airy and open bathroom with beautiful tiling. You can conveniently fit a pivot door to swing either way, and it will be relatively easy to clean. Also, if you need to replace hardware in the future, you shouldn't have too much trouble.