Why Glass Splashbacks Are Becoming The Popular Choice For Kitchens Across Australia

When it comes to your kitchen, most people are looking for sturdy materials that will last a lot of use, and so it may be surprising to learn that glass splashbacks are one of the most popular options in kitchens across Australia. After all, glass does not have the same reputation as, say, metals or tiles. How can it possibly match up to their benefits? Well, modern glass splashbacks are certainly no slouch in the strength department; they also have several other benefits that people value over traditional materials. Here are a few reasons why glass splashbacks are so popular right now.

Scratch And Stain Resistant

It is important to get it out of the way that glass splashbacks are very strong in their own right, and while they may not be as tough as metal or tile, they are plenty tough enough to stand up to almost all endeavours you will go through in your kitchen. This is not ordinary glass, but it has been specifically hardened so that it is not going to scratch when trays, plates, utensils or anything else rubs up against it. It is also very resistant to staining and avoids problems that other materials have, such as rust with metal splashbacks and cracking or displacement with tiled options.

Easy To Install

Glass splashbacks can be very easily tailored to most kitchen shapes, and there is a huge variety of options when it comes to what type you want. This means that many builders prefer it over traditional materials that are harder to sculpt, like metal, or harder to fit evenly in a small space, like tiles. Compared to those two options, installing glass splashbacks is a walk in the park. It also means that it takes less labour to install them and since it is done quicker, the overall price for the installation is lower than the alternatives.


Glass splashbacks come with so many different options that often the hardest choice can be picking which option you want. You can have everything from a finish that mirrors your marble countertops to pictures embedded behind the glass. Some people get themed glass splashbacks with stills of their favourite places in the world or even frames out of their most-watched movie. The options really are limitless, and while there is a lot you can do with metal and tiles, the variety is simply not comparable on a macro scale. 

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