Two suggestions for homeowners who want their new pool to have windows

If you have decided that you'd like your new swimming pool to feature some windows, you should consider following these suggestions.

1. Think carefully about how many windows your pool should have

Some swimming pools have windows on every side. Whilst this can look great, you should not order a pool that features this much glass from your contractor without giving this matter some thought. It might be better to have glass windows on just one or two sides of this structure instead of on every side.

For example, if the garden in which the pool is going to be positioned is overlooked by a neighbouring property on one side, it might be a good idea to use an opaque material, like concrete, to construct the pool wall that will face that side and to then opt for windows on the other sides. This would ensure that the neighbours will not be able to see under the pool water when they glance over at your property, which will mean anyone who uses your pool won't feel quite as exposed when they're swimming.

Still, by opting for glass when building the other sides, you'll still get to enjoy the beautiful visual effect that pool windows can create.

2. Let any contractor that you hire to clean the pool know that it has windows

You will need to get your pool cleaned regularly when it's in use. You may find that you end up using several different cleaning contractors' services throughout the year, depending on which one of them is available when you need to have this task carried out. Whenever you call up a new contractor, you must let them know that your pool has windows. This is crucial, as they will need to use a completely different set of cleaning materials to wash pool windows than they would to wash, for example, concrete pool walls.

For instance, to clean the latter, they might use a hard-bristled long brush and a basic detergent to scrub the concrete and for the former, they will need to use cleaning products made specifically for glass surfaces (i.e. ones that won't leave smears on it) as well as rubber or micro-fibre window cleaning tools, rather than the aforementioned brush (as scrubbing the glass with a hard-bristled brush would scratch it).

If you have questions about construction or maintenance, be sure to work closely with pool window contractors.