Four Reasons to Replace Broken Glass Windows Immediately

Is your glass window in need of repair or replacement? If your window has a minor problem, such as having a loose handle, you can repair this quite easily by retightening the handle with a screwdriver. But if it's broken, it'll need to be replaced instead of being repaired. 

Broken glass windows pose a serious threat to the safety of your family. If broken glass isn't removed and replaced, it can inflict deep cuts, which may cause severe damage to underlying nerves. Beyond restoring safety levels for your loved ones, emergency glass replacement provides many other benefits.

Below are a few terrific reasons to treat broken glass windows as emergencies.  

Reason #1: To Maintain Your Home Security

Broken windows can make your home susceptible to break-ins in many ways. They can give potential intruders the impression that your home is abandoned, making your home seem like an easy target. They can also give intruders easy passage into your home because damaged windows can be easily breached even when they're locked.

Replacing broken glass promptly helps you maintain your home security by sealing potential loopholes that intruders may exploit to gain access to your home.

Reason #2: To Restore the Appearance of Your Home

Windows aren't just a source of natural lighting and ventilation — they also contribute to the appearance of your home. Windows that have broken glass are a blot on your property. They give your home an unkempt look that takes away from the original appeal of the property.

Reason #3: To Avoid Moisture Problems

Broken glass windows can allow rain to enter your home, leading to water damage. Wet interior surfaces can also encourage mould growth, which poses a threat to the health and safety of your household members. 

Replacing broken glass helps to prevent rain from leaking into your house, thus protecting your home interior from water and moisture problems.

Reason #4: To Reduce Energy Waste

Keeping the building envelope airtight is vital to maximise the energy efficiency of your home. Broken glass windows can contribute to significant heat gains and losses in the home, making you overwork your space heating and cooling equipment to maintain the desired room temperatures.

Replacing broken windows helps to prevent unwanted heat gains and losses, thus reducing the amount of energy used to keep your home interior environment comfortable throughout the year.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to replace broken glass windows immediately. Contact a professional glass window repair and replacement specialist if you have a broken glass window that needs replacing.