What to Do When a Window Smashes

Whether it's due to an accident, intent or a storm, facing a smashed window can cause a lot of worry. Alongside keeping your home or business safe against the weather, your windows form a big part of your property's security. It's for this reason that you should never leave a building alone when the window is compromised. But what should you do while you wait for a glass replacement professional to arrive?

Depending on the circumstances, call the police

If you have any reason to believe that someone intended to break your window, call the police. This can include arriving at your business to find that the glass is smashed, but not knowing why. In some cases, it may be due to recklessness, such as individuals falling into the window while drunk or fighting. Contacting the police is the best way to acquire support for keeping your goods and property safe, plus your insurance company may want to see a crime number if anything is missing.

Remove anything that's worth money

Removing items that cost a lot of money or moving them to a room where you're present prevents opportunistic thieves from entering your property. Doing so before it turns dark is essential, as the cover of darkness gives criminals more scope for entering your building undetected. If you're at home, consider storing items such as laptops and games consoles in your bedroom until an emergency glass repair or replacement is complete. If you're a business owner, take anything that's important home with you or place the items into a safe storage unit. Don't neglect items such as documents, as they may contain information that's subject to data protection laws. Additionally, try to avoid leaving stationary safes onsite, as thieves may take them away to break into them away from your building.

Board your windows until a repair person arrives

How you board your window will depend on the extent of the crack or smash. If it is just a crack, tape over it using industrial-strength tape and board it using wood. If the smash is extensive, you may need to break the glass, but make sure you wear thick protective gloves that you know won't rip. Your hand is home to tendons that rest close to the skin's surface, so don't put them at risk as you do this. Finally, try to avoid leaving a crack, as even when they are small, they become an easy target for those wanting to create a bigger break.

After a glass repair person secures your property, make sure you take receipts to present to your insurance company. Additionally, perform a thorough search of your property to ensure nothing valuable is missing.