What You Need to Know About Glass and Granite Splashbacks

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Read on and discover some important information that will help you to choose between installing a glass splashback or a granite one.

Glass Splashbacks

A glass splashback can make your kitchen look sleek and streamlined. This is because large panels can be used to avoid seams. Tempered glass is the best since it is very hard. The options for finishing the glass are so many that everyone can find something that will meet their needs. For instance, you can opt to have a personalised digital image or a painted image on the backsplash.

Glass splashbacks offer several benefits. First, they are very durable and strong. It is also very easy to clean them, especially if the splashback is seamless. Installation is also easier than for many other materials.

However, you should ensure that the edges of the glass are polished so that the nearby furniture isn't scratched during the installation process. It is also hard and costly to change the colour of the glass splashback once it has been installed. This makes glass a difficult material for homeowners who like to adjust the appearance of their kitchens on a regular basis.

Granite Splashbacks

Granite is a material that is suitable for any style of kitchen, such as contemporary or traditional kitchens. Homeowners can choose between a polished and a honed look for the granite. The polished finish is better suited for traditional settings, while the honed look is ideal for those who wish for a contemporary look in their kitchens.

Granite is also very easy to clean. It is extremely durable, and one can find it in a variety of colours. The stones are so unique that is hard to find any two installation sites that look identical.

However, granite is a very costly material. It may therefore be out of reach for the homeowner with a tight budget. Some granite splashbacks are so porous that wet marks will remain visible for a long time. One may have to incur the cost of sealing the stone on a regular basis in order to keep stains from this porous material.

As you can see from the discussion above, each of these materials has its own strong and weak points. However, glass splashbacks seem to be easier to maintain when compared to the different challenges that result from the porosity of granite. Talk to an expert and get technical guidance so that you can learn how to deal with the daily requirements of the option that you select.