Why Stained Glass Repairs Should Be Handled Exclusively by Specialised Glaziers

Some homeowners choose to shoulder the burden of fixing things around their house so that they do not have to keep paying for professional services. In the current digital era, it may seem that all you need to do, as a self-appointed handyman, is just look up some tutorial videos and get the job done. But while this may work for minor issues, it is inadvisable to go with this approach when you need stained glass repairs. Taking up this job on your own not only puts you at risk of harm, but you also could end up ruining your beautifully designed stained windows! Instead, it is best to leave this part of your household repairs to the professionals. Here are just two reasons why stained glass repairs should be handled exclusively by specialised glaziers.

Use of specialised tools

The first thing that you need to know about stained glass windows is that they are not handled in the same way that regular windows are. Therefore, if you were thinking that all you need to do is purchase a DIY repair kit and get on with the work, you are completely mistaken. The repair of stained glass windows is an arduous process. Several steps need to go into this project, and if you do not have the expertise, you could easily end up damaging the windows irreparably. In addition to this, the repair of stained glass windows requires a level of skill so that the intricate patterns on the glass, as well as the striking colours, do not get distorted in the process. This skill is only acquired with time, so it is a job that should be left to specialised glaziers that have garnered sufficient experience.

Establish the magnitude of damage

On the surface, your stained glass windows may seem to have a minor crack, but if you do not have a trained eye, you can never tell how extensive the underlying damage could be. For example, some forms of damage come about due to the conditions that the stained glass has been exposed to over the years. If this glass is repaired and exposed to the same conditions, it is only a matter of time before it succumbs to damage yet again. Thus, you should hire a specialised glazier that will investigate the integrity of the entire pane and determine if the damage is widespread or not. On the other hand, your stained glass window may be badly cracked and you decide to get rid of it rather than invest in repairs. Without hiring a professional, you can never know if the stained glass could have been preserved and served you for years to come.