Advantages Of Glass Splashbacks

If you're looking to revitalise your kitchen splashback, one possibility with many benefits is glass.

Attractive Clean Finish

A major advantage is the lustrous, satiny, even surface that glass provides. A glass splashback consists of only one or several panels that seamlessly join together for a smooth, uncluttered feel in the kitchen. A tiled surface, on the other hand, displays intersecting lines of grout separating many individual tiles, which can evoke a busy, congested feel around the workbench. Glass is an ideal accompaniment to a minimalist Zen kitchen.

Many Designs Available

Glass splashbacks are available in numerous colours and designs giving you renovating freedom. You can back-paint the glass a wide range of hues to match it with other kitchen elements, so you have a similar versatility to when you paint walls. Other decorative options include digital printing. All you need is a high-resolution picture that will work on the horizontal glass 'canvas'. You could choose foliage, a cityscape, a geometric configuration or a print that mimics surfaces such as stone or brickwork. All these decorative options allow you to make a feature of the splashback. Alternatively, you could merge the splashback with its surroundings by simply repeating the wall colour that is behind or replicating the benchtop. If you're updating your whole kitchen, you can leave the design of the splashback until later on. The freedom in colour and design makes it easy to match with other elements, often more so than the other way around.

Glazing Options 

Splashbacks also allow for different kinds of decorative glass. Frosting gives a muted finish that you can enhance with cool ice-blue back-paint or a bright, vivid red; both bright and muddy colours work well with the matte finish. Low iron glass is another option which gleams with absolute clarity, minus the slight green haze that is evident along the edges of ordinary glass. With a lower iron content, this glass best shows off back-painted colours in their pure hues without a green cast changing their tone.

Durable And Easy Maintenance

Glass splashbacks are easy to clean and require little maintenance. The toughened glass used is about four times stronger than ordinary glass and can withstand the high heat that emanates from ovens and cooktops. To maintain your splashback, you just need to wipe with a soft cloth and regular detergent. You won't have to worry about grouting that collects grime and mould, as the seamless glass presents a flat cleaning surface.