What to Do If You Find a Chip in Your Tempered Glass Shower Screen

Tempered glass shower screens are rather complicated to make, and this is why they are so durable. Your shower screen will have been cut to its intended size and shape and is then essentially baked (tempered) in an industrial oven. It is then rapidly cooled with cold air, causing the surface of the glass to contract while its centre maintains its tension. This process is what results in the strength of a tempered glass shower screen. It also means that they are not always the cheapest option.

A chip in your tempered glass shower screen can be a cause for alarm. It also has the potential to result in further damage, which can be dangerous in some cases. And then there is also the alarming possibility of having to pay for an entirely new tempered glass shower screen. Not to worry, because such chips can be quickly and easily repaired at home, sparing further damage if you act quickly enough.

What You'll Need

This type of repair job is so straightforward that practically anybody can do it. You'll need to head along to your local hardware shop to pick up some basic supplies. You simply need a specialist glass repair resin and some heavy duty rubber gloves.

What to Do

1. Ensure that the shower is completely dry. You can speed this process up by mopping up any excess water with a towel, but do not apply much pressure around the area of the chip on the shower screen.

2. Open the doors and windows in your bathroom and turn on the extractor fan. You'll want the room to be as well ventilated as possible before using the glass repair resin.

3. Carefully read the instructions on the glass repair resin, and put on the gloves before handling the product as you don't want any of it on your skin.

4. Apply a tiny amount of the resin into the chip, filling the hole so that the resin is level with the surface of the glass.

5. Allow it to thoroughly dry before using the shower again. 

How to Check Further

It's vital that you regularly check the chip from this point onwards. Keep an eye out for any microcracks that seem to be spreading outwards from the chip, as this can be a precursor to further damage. Sections of the shower screen might drop off, and in extreme cases, the overall unit can shatter. Call a repair company if you notice any of these cracks.

Hopefully your DIY repair job will be all that is needed to keep your tempered glass shower screen in good working order.